Friday, 4 December 2009

Long Over Due

Yes, truth be told I have had a rather busy week - been on a bit of a Perter Jackson kick as well - Honestly! I forgot just how great Braindead and Peter Jackson are. I think I can quite confidently state that this crazy little Kiwi is a true visionary. I am quite looking forward to Lovely Bones which I am imagining is going to be similar to Heavenly Creatures.
In the meantime folks, we will just have to settle for Braindead on Monday!!!
Quite excited to watch people squirm.
The shorts we have are great, our starter silent will be pure quality as well - so see you there!

In other news, as I mentioned before I saw and reviewed Paranormal Activity for the Quietus, well wait no more - my piece is up a bit delayed, but that was because the Quietus won the website of the year award Rock out with your cock out boys!!!
I know they will, they are off to ATP this weekend.

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