Thursday, 12 November 2009

Paranormal Activity

So this film has been making festival rounds for a while and building up momentum online, thanks in part to Paramount Pictures backing what started out as a small budget terror packed haunted house picture.

Personally I don't think that this trailer does the film justice and actually made me not want to see the film.

With much of the suspense building, reaching truly terrifying levels shot from a stationary camera in the couple's bedroom.
Obvious cries of "Blair Witch - gag! - beating a long dead tired horse" will be heard drifting up from the cynical masses, among which, until last night, my voice would have been heard.

But no, like a man bound for Damascus, I realised the wrongs of my ways and have become a fervent supporter of Paranormal Activity.
Yes, it is dripping with Blair Witch Project influence, but PA learned lessons from BWP, changed things to a more manageable and believable plot and removed the snivelling whiny fuck wits, replacing them with 2 surprisingly sympathetic and realistic characters.

Few things give me that fidgety sense of unease and it's not since Blair Witch that I have heard grown men squeal in anticipatory terror, and I'll even admit to a proper "oooooooooooooooooooh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhit..." as I pulled back in my chair.

(there's one FUCKING AWESOME thing that really had me psyched and sold!!! I wish I could rant about it without it being a spoiler!!! Gah!!!)

So, yeah, go see this, but try to avoid people telling you to much, it's best seen cynical and blind.

I'll have a proper review up at the Quietus shortly.

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