Wednesday, 18 November 2009


So last night, Ed and I wandered down to Cinema Ferox in Stockwell last night, I won't lie, we were tired and would rather not have ventured to the Land of the Fallen Brazilian.
But being true to our word and the intrepid folks we are, we fought through the biting cold and drowsy heads and settled down to what has got to be the most fantastic insane bit of cinema we have ever seen and I, personally, am wildly jealous that Luke got to screen it, but thrilled that he did. A bit embarrassed that I hadn't heard of it before, if I'm honest. But that's the great thing about doing this, always finding out about new things.

I really like the phrase "Bat shit crazy" and I used it for Hausu. However after seeing The Boxer's Omen, I have a sneaking suspicion that the phrase was originally coined immediately after the first screenings of this bundle of Hong Kong mayhem.
Originally released in 1983, as Mo, in the bubbling cauldron of the Shaw Brothers production house, riding on a wave of other martial arts based horror films, this Kuei Chin-Heng creation is nothing short of an exhausting, mind numbing, what-the-fuck-did-I-just-see?!relentless barrage of visual tongue twisters. Vivid Giallo influenced lighting only adds to the beauty of this film.

See it with friends, see it on your own, just see it!

Here's a taster-

We love this!!!!
Thank you Luke - you are a top man in our books!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words : )
    T'was good to see you guys the other night, and I'm glad it was worth journeying down through the cold! See you boys soon.