Saturday, 7 November 2009


It would seem that in every film's life, it must be faced with a remake, some are deserving of this, some, most aren't.
For instance, crowd favourite Let the Right One In is being remade, or readapted by Matt Reeves, he of Cloverfield fame... yeah, you should take a moment to let that settle.
Principal Photography as officially begun on Let Me In, expect people across the globe to continue to bitch and complain louder and louder in the coming months. This blasphemous excursion into the realms of Swedish vampires will be given a distinctly American feel, relocating the snowy, lonely pre teen isolation of the original film to... New Mexico.
Then there is the baffling case of the classic Revenge flick, I Spit on Your Grave. I have always respected this film, in much the same way you might respect a lion when stuck in his cage. It's a beast of a movie. A disgusting troubling mind rape of 90 minutes that leaves you shivering in a shower. Make no mistake, when you watch the original uncut version, it will stay with you, lingering in the background and flashing back.
I recently saw a UK version of this original Video Nasty, and I have to say, the cutting of those minutes made all the difference, it castrated the movie, made you wonder what all the fuss was about and questioned why they would even make the film.
Whereas the original uncut, you question why they made the film, what depraved minds thought this would make a good thing to burn to celluloid, but you understand the fuss and you can appreciate the beast.
Now for some reason the powers that be have decided they will remake a film about a woman who gets brutally gang raped, and tortured, repeatedly by 3 rednecks. Regains her composure, loses her mind and goes all out to make them pay.
This is gritty, realistic filthy and horrid to watch. Why would you remake that? How would you remake that?
You can't not in today's PC world, where we have to be overly self aware and cautious about offending anyone.
On top of that, part of the films success is it's inherent video nastiness. pretty much achievable only in the 70s with the grindhouse or infantile video markets. This I Spit on Your Grave need never grace a silver screen again.
It was, like many films, of it's time and capturing those moments again or rebooting it for a new era is a mistake and impossible.
Just leave well enough alone, please?

In other news, Evil Dead will be hitting the big screen again, at the moment only in the US and Canada, but none the less that is exciting.

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