Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dust the dirt off...

My deepest apologies for the extended period of silence.

Business then pleasure -

Mad Monster Party will be showing at the Mucky Pup on 5th April, we are struggling with picking out of several short options we have, but promise they will be good.
How about a trailer of MMP for the time being?

Now it's true you have seen this on the blog before, that's because we love it and well, you should as well. But before it was just for webtainment, now it's for real.
So see you on the 5th!


I saw Millennium: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about six months ago and it sucked me in then. I ranted and raved about it, but when know one knows what you're on about, they tend to ignore you or forget until it's relevant.
Well it's relevant.

Make no mistake about it, GwtDT is a tightly twisted thriller, recalling the bygone days of Agatha Christie's enveloping tales, mixed with enough of the modern day and relevancy to keep it out of the realms of Miss Marple.
Dark, and when I say dark, I mean it, this is an unflinching look at some dirty underbellies that are often glossed over.
Currently playing at both the Rio and the Screen on the Green, go watch it.

Last night I went and saw Ghost Stories at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.
If you are unfamiliar with Ghost Stories... well you may just have to remain that way. I'm not one who spoils things, sorry.
But I can supply you with a quote from co-creators Andy Nyman (Derren Brown & Dead Set) and Jeremy Dyson (League of Gentlemen) -
“As die-hard horror fans, we've dreamt of doing a show like this since we first met each other at the age of 15. We are incredibly excited at the prospect of enthralling, thrilling & scaring people in the theatre, it really is a dream come true for us.”
I promise you these guys know their stuff and your money will be well spent checking out their expressionist extravaganza with influences ranging from your classic anthology series' such as Tales from the Crypt and a fair bit of The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari thrown in, it had me loving it from the onset.

That's me done til I have some more news to share.
Hope to see you on the 5th.