Tuesday, 19 May 2009

1st June

Blood Feast - '63

First Hurdle

Last night was a screaming success!
A full house!
A full house with a great audience, I might add. Everyone really seemed in the spirit and up for a laugh.
We'd like to thank you all very much for your attendance and were humbled by the endless stream of positive responses.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

We’re coming for you, Barbara…

From Hell

Though it is in fact not Night, Dawn or even Day, but the glorious Return of the Living Dead that Cigarette Burns are delighted to present to you on the evening of Monday 18th May. The first of many monthly nights of delirious cult cinema will kick off with Dan O’Bannon’s classic 1985 zombiethon, starring James Karen and queen of scream, Linnea Quigley.

When a barrel of toxic gas is accidentally cracked at a medical supply warehouse, the residents of the conveniently close by Resurrection Funeral Home are rudely awakened from their celestial slumber, and they're not happy.

As a group of teenage punks visiting the cemetery are all too quick to discover, the only way for these curmudgeonly cadavers to numb the 'pain of being dead', as one legless member of their ranks puts it, is to feast on human brains. And feast they do, as punks and warehouse staff alike try in vain to shield themselves from the ensuing siege on the mortuary they have swiftly barricaded themselves inside.

Flawlessly stylish, with mischievously witty dialogue, dazzling special effects, and one hell of a bitching soundtrack featuring The Cramps, The Damned and Roky Erickson, The Return of the Living Dead is a delight from beginning to climatic end.
If this has whetted your ghoulish palate, then come and join us at The Mucky Pup, 39 Queens Head St, Islington at 8:30 on 18th May. Admission is free, and house chef Kenny Rumbles will be serving hot dogs and popcorn on the night to whet your palate even further. Until then, Cigarette Burners...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

And so we begin...

Over the past few months, Ed and I have been scouring our decaying minds to come up with films that might entertain folks while they sit with their friends and a pint. 
We have an ever increasing list chock full of... ummm I'm not sure if "gems" is quite the right word, but they will certainly entertain. 

We shall start our little experiment with none other than Return of the Living Dead.
We at Cigarette Burns want to highlight the forgotten, sure there's the Curzon Midnight Cinema, but who really wants to wait til midnight on a friday, when your half ripped to sit down and watch a film, only to get up every five minutes for a lash. Then at 2am to wander stone cold sober around Central London? 
Not my idea of a good night out. 
Plus, when was the last time they showed Blood Feast?

so bear with us wile we stumble through this and we promise you will enjoy it.