Friday, 19 February 2010

Random News bits

In the past few years, few bits of film news has excited me as much as this piece in Variety did yesterday. Vincent Cassel is going to be starring in a film adaptation of Matthew Lewis's singularly brilliant proto gothic novel, The Monk.
I Make no secret of the fact that I love tales of the fallen, and The Monk is right at the top of the list.
Cassel being cast as Ambrosio is perfect and genius, I cannot think of anyone better to play the monk who the whole of Europe travels to, no one this side of heaven is as holy as he. And no one this side of a Greek tragedy falls as far into a dark pit of depravity.
I have been saying for years that someone needs to pick this up and make.
To my shame I have yet to see the previous adaptations, but I'll put my money on this one being the definitive screen adaptation.
Oh exciting!!!!

In other news, The Crazies is just around the corner, yes, another remake, but one that looks set to be pretty damn good.

And finally!
I have a new piece up on the Quietus, I suppose it is in defence of Peter Jackson for all the shit he's getting for The Lovely Bones, which I feel is unwarranted and not really well considered, anyway, you can read that here.

Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you all on the 1st!!!

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