Monday, 1 June 2009

Join us for a Blood Feast!!!

In 1963, the world was introduced to gore. Taking bits of Psycho & Dragnet and fusing them with his own history in soft core porn and heavy dose of the absurd, Herschell Gordon Lewis created the slasher blueprint which would entertain fans for years. In the 80's it officially was placed in the infamous Video Nasties list and only recently did the fully uncut version finally see the light of day.
In reality, Blood Feast is ridiculous and hilarious, less slasher film than car crash. Fuad Ramses needs body parts for his authentic Egyptian feast, and nothing, no matter how absurd or bad the acting is, will stop him. A gory feast for the senses, Lewis’ riotous debut should not be missed…

This accidental comedy will leave your sides split.

Get down early for good seats!

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