Monday, 14 February 2011

Daughters of Darkness at the Rio - 19th Feb

"Silly tales of ghouls chased away by garlic, and vampires, shrinking from crosses."

We'll have none of that. No more of these middle of the road, twilight vampires, let us instead return to the classier roots: a time of manipulation and seduction, where devious villains coerced their prey, lured them, gained their trust and then devoured them. A time where respect and nobility were important parts of the dreaded Count and his mythic brethern’s lore.

These are the creatures of the night we have come to love and fear, before the 80s saw them driven to nomadic life styles, hiding by day and tearing through the American wastelands by night. Before they were forced to hunt in the cold of an Alaskan night, they were prowling the grand hotels of Europe and seducing who they could, when they could, to exist.

Which leads us to our feature presentation at the Rio Cinema on 19th February: none other than one of the most acclaimed vampire films of all time, Daughters of Darkness. Harry Kumel's masterpiece is loved by those in the know, fanatics and historians, yet largely overlooked by most.

Daughters of Darkness sees Delphine Seyrid embody, for there is no other word, the seductress Elizabeth Báthroy, the infamous Hungarian Blood Queen. Swaggering onto the scene like Marlene Dietrich, oozing power and confidence, she seduces, entraps and divides a newlywed couple, never for a second letting her eye off the prize: the gorgeous French-Canadian, Valerie.

Oh the sights she has to show her....

So join us at the Rio as we screen one of the most overlooked, and yet well respected vampire films of all time: Daughters of Darkness.

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Fun starts around half 11 with Dee Dee's Vintage who will be sprucing up the place and invoking the spirit of Countess Báthroy with vintage wares and ambiance we will have Flashback Record's very own Graham Murphy how will be taking to the decks a comprehensive collection of suitably undead vinyl goodies to set the mood before and after the screening, the Rio's bar will remain open throughout the film and after, a brilliant night is guaranteed. All for a measly £7.50.

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The Rio Cinema is mega easy to get to and from-
Buses, 38, 56, 67, 76, 243, 242, 149, plus East London Line to Dalston Junction and the Overground to Dalston Kingsland all drop you off at the Rio's doorstep and plenty of night buses back.

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