Thursday, 4 February 2010


Spend some time with me and no doubt I will start on about one of the true loves in my life - London. I love London. I really like watching films set in London.
One of my favourite themes in art, be it film, literature, music, whatever, is the classic pact with the devil.
A good old Faustian tale keeps me happy.
One of my favourite films is Murnau's Faust from 1926, an amazing film, breathtaking and beautiful. But I digress...

So let's say you combine the two?
Possibly find a setting that Marlowe himself would have been familiar with, East London.
Set in Bethnal Green, Heartless is quite a moving take on a classic theme. Filled with loving, knowing images of the Boundary Estate and the surrounding areas there's no doubt that Philip Ridley's long waited return to the moving picture is a force to be reckoned with. But small time and slightly highbrow, it risks slipping out of sight quickly, catch it while you can.
Released in every conceivable format in late May, I strongly suggest you catch it in the cinema, it's quite a film to behold.

Until then...

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