Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ricky... Oh!

Josh and I had the great pleasure of catching the gore-drenched kung fu maelstrom that is Story of Ricky (or Ricky-Oh) a few nights back, courtesy of our good friend Luke and his fantastic Cinema Ferox. For the uninitiated, CF takes place once a month at The Grosvenor pub in Stockwell where you can enjoy all manner of weird and wonderful delights from Luke's eclectic treasure trove.

Set in a totalitarian Hong Kong prison, Story of Ricky has to be one of the most comically violent films I've ever seen, with faces ripped off, spines punched in half, and a meat-grinding finale that truly has to be seen to be believed. As a firm fan of this sordid wing of cinema, I'm astonished that I never got around to seeing Story of Ricky before this night, but what a wonderful introduction!

Keep eye on the Cinema Ferox blog for more details of next month's screening of 80s trash classic, Nightbeast.

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